Waddingtons: Ben 10 Playing Cards by Winning Moves

19 Sep

Today we are going to say several words about Ben 10 Playing Cards produced by Winning Moves Ltd. under the trademark Waddingtons in 2008. This is the third deck from the company, mentioned on pages of this blog. Waddingtons Ben 10 deck is dedicated to the appropriate American animated series created by “Man of Action” (a group consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle) and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

Ben 10 franchise (won three Emmy Awards) is about 10 years old Benjamin Tennyson who acquires a watch-like alien device that allows him to turn into alien creatures. The device is called the Omnitrix.

The original TV series (the pilot episode aired on December 27, 2005) are intended for younger children and tell about Benjamin’s summer vacations. He travels the world with his Grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen Tennyson. At the same time Ben fights crime and evil aliens with his new powers. At first the Omnitrix allows him to turn into ten different alien species: Wildmutt, Four Arms, Grey Matter, XLR8, Upgrade, Diamondhead, Ripjaw, Stinkfly, Ghostfreak and Heatblast. But then Ben acquires the ability to turn into ten more aliens: Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Benwolf, Benmummy, Benvicktor, Ditto, Upchuck, Eye Guy, Way Big and Eon.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 2 different Jokers + 2 ad cards. Bridge size. Playing cards are printed on casino cardboard and have a smooth finish.


I guess mature people can be interested in these playing cards only as in collectable item because the primary audience of them is children (as players).

Quite often playing cards intended for younger children have some reasonable art restrictions. Children should be able to understand and remember the difference between court cards or number cards of each suit. They can make out four suits due to different pips and colours. But it is also easier for them to discern playing cards of different value due to different drawings on them. At the same time a lot of different characters in one deck can tire children’s eyes. One of the reasonable approaches in this case is the same character for playing cards of the same value (different suits) but different characters for playing cards of different value. This deck uses such approach.

The red colour of indices and pips are substituted with the green one which is the main colour for the series. The frameworks of pictures on playing cards of “red” suits are also made with green. All pictures are the same for playing cards of the same value.

Ben is depicted on the Kings. His cousin Gwen Tennyson represents the Queens and his Grandpa Max holds the Jacks.

Waddingtons Ben 10 Deck: Court Cards (Spades)


Waddingtons Ben 10 Deck: Court Cards (Hearts)


Different alien creatures from the series are depicted on number cards. Tens: Heatblast; Nines: Upgrade; Eights: XLR8; Sevens: Eye Guy; Sixes: Way Big; Fives: Benmummy; Fours: Four Arms; Threes: Ditto; Twos: Diamondhead.

Waddingtons Ben 10 Deck: Number Cards

Waddingtons-Ben-10-Playing-Cards-Tens Waddingtons-Ben-10-Playing-Cards-Hearts-9-8-7 Waddingtons-Ben-10-Playing-Cards-Clubs-6-5-4 Waddingtons-Ben-10-Playing-Cards-Diamonds-3-2

The Omnitrix is shown on all the Aces.

Waddingtons Ben 10 Playing Cards: Aces


Two different alien creatures are depicted on Jokers. They are two representatives of Ben’s enemies – Vilgax and Kevin 11.

Waddingtons Ben 10 Playing Cards: Jokers


Waddingtons Ben 10 Deck: Ad Cards


One way backs show Ben and several of his alien incarnations.


Winning Moves Ltd. uses some unified templates for their tuck cases. It should be interesting for collectors as it helps to keep such decks on a shelf or in a bigger box as some omnibus edition of books. But the company should work out some fully unified approach in this question as their current tuck cases are not fully unified. See tuck cases of Waddingtons Marvel Heroes Playing Cards, Waddingtons The Simpsons Playing Cards and Waddingtons Ben 10 Playing Cards:

Waddingtons-Ben-10-Playing-Cards-boxes-top Waddingtons-Playing-Cards-boxes-sides


Other Waddingtons decks by Winning Moves:







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