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Bēhance: King of Hearts by Colin Dyte

The King of Hearts designed by the Australian artist, Colin Dyte. Such noble intent gaze and the crown casually placed over his head as a baseball cap of some rapper. This is a funny combination 🙂

© 2013 Colin Dyte







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Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Mark Marianelli

Playing cards designed by an artist, Mark Marianelli (Six AM Comics).



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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Lily McDonnell

Several playing card projects by an Australian artist, Lily McDonnell (MyBeautifulMonsters). All projects are incomplete and dedicated to different themes.

© Lily McDonnell (MyBeautifulMonsters)

1. The Gamblers Playing Cards

The King of Hearts – Baron Hearts

He is the Commander of all the forces of Law, the most feared man in all the Know Universe, King of the House of Hearts, husband to the beautiful Rose and the sworn enemy of the pirate, Jack Spades.



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Playing Cards and Art: Paper Dolls + Decked Out Playing Cards by Kwei-Lin Lum

Kwei-Lin Lum designed paper dolls representing four classic suits of playing cards: Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. Also a deck of playing card was designed (a project) as a collection of outfits for the figures. Each playing card has an outfit for appropriate doll.

© 2009 Kwei-Lin Lum

Paper Dolls


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