Crowdfunding Decks

20 Sep

I noticed that there are a lot of interesting decks on Kickstarter and on a new crowdfunding platform – CardLauncher. I think I’ll do more detailed reviews of the decks on my blog later. But they need your attention (possibly support) at this moment. All these decks are different so anyone has a chance to find something interesting exactly for his/her collection.


DRACONIAN Playing Cards by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards)

More decks designed by Randy: ORNATE Playing CardsThe Crown Deck: Luxury Edition.

You can pledge here:


Renaissance Playing Cards by Maxim Hurwicz

This deck is some type of semi-transformation deck.

You can pledge here:


SEASONS Playing Cards (A Changing Series) by Alexander Chin

You can pledge here:


Coat of Arms Playing Cards by Justin Froyd

You can pledge here:

Coat-of-Arms-Deck-by-Justin-Froyd Coat-of-Arms-Deck-by-Justin-Froyd-3

Bicycle Steampunk Bandits Deck by Gambler’s Warehouse

You can pledge here:


Bicycle AVES Deck by LUX Playing Cards

You can pledge here:


Sawdust: Circus Playing Cards by Emmanuel Jose

More Semi-Transformation decks designed by Emmanuel Jose: Curator DeckClipped Wings.

You can pledge here:

Sawdust-Circus-Deck-by-Emmanuel-Jose Sawdust-Circus-Deck-by-Emmanuel-Jose

Celtic Playing Cards v2 by Cultúrlán Enterprises

You can pledge here:


Cthulhu Mythos Playing Cards by Rhonda Libbey

You can pledge here:




Venexiana Dark Playing Cards by Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards)

The long-expected second (and final) deck in the series dedicated to Venice. You can read about the first Venexiana deck.

You can pledge here:


Good Deck by Giovanni M

You can pledge here:




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2 responses to “Crowdfunding Decks

  1. Max

    20.09.2014 at 12:54

    Nice to hear back from you!!!! Too many new decks 🙂


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