Kickstarter: Bicycle Metal Deck by Max

02 Oct

This Bicycle Metal (Rider Back) Deck is the very first deck on a series called TEXTURE SERIES by Max (Max Playing Cards). This deck is a reinterpretation of the classic Bicycle Rider Back deck using a set of textures to give the cards a real metal aspect. The project is supported by Collectable Playing Cards (Bicycle Gods of Mythology Playing Cards).

It’s planned to be printed by the USPCC (and has already been approved by it for printing). Poker size.


Oh my! Could ancestry predict this? To waste resources (metal) on playing cards instead of instruments of labour. Disgraceful! 🙂 … Unless playing cards are your instruments of labour or even worse… Are your passion. So…

The Deck:

  • Customized faces with metal theme;
  • Classic Bicycle Rider Back with metal stylization;
  • Joker reveal;
  • Double back gaff card;
  • Custom deck seal printed on metallic silver foil;
  • Customized Bicycle Tuck Case in metal style which means silver foiled and de-bossed;
  • Card reveal on tuck case;
  • Subtle one way cards with a two ways aspect;
  • Motion feature on corner screws;
  • Bicycle stock and Magic (Air-Cushion) finish;
  • It’s planned to be printed by the United States Playing Card Company.


You could pledge here:

[FUNDED – November 10, 2014]

You can try to find it HERE

Bicycle Metal Deck: Aces

Bicycle-Metal-Deck-Ace-of-Spades Bicycle-Metal-Deck-by-Max-Aces

Max says that this deck has been designed for collectors but with the thought of magicians and card routines. For that reason, it has many features that allow magic tricks with only the deck or combining it with other rider back decks. Double backer, Joker reveal, card reveal on tuck case, chosen stock and finish… Yes, all these won’t be out of place for magicians and cardists. At the same time, such buns will be interesting even to pure collectors who don’t practice cardistry or magic tricks. I guess the motion feature on corner screws will be the main entertainment for everyone. Shuffle the corners and screw the bolt into the deck… or unscrew it. Who knows? We will see.

Bicycle Metal Deck: Jokers


Mechanical properties of metals include ductility (a capacity for plastic deformation).  For example, pure iron is soft but is unobtainable by smelting. Max decided to put away smelting and to produce soft metal in another way.

Add a certain proportion of carbon (between 0.002% and 2.1%) to this intermediate product … Voila! You have it. Steel. Soft and stiff steel for your collection or for your trained magic hands.

Bicycle Metal Deck: Court Cards

Bicycle-Metal-Rider-Back-Playing-Cards-by-MaxPlayingCards-on-Kickstarter Bicycle-Metal-Deck-by-Max-Hearts Bicycle-Metal-Deck-by-Max-Clubs Bicycle-Metal-Deck-by-Max-Diamonds

Bicycle Metal Rider Back Deck isn’t the first one with metal stylization but it has all chances to become the most “authentic” pack among all such decks (inspired by metal). Its stylized design is even more interesting and vivid than well-known Deck One by Theory11. Pale and dark turquoise, dark grey and metal happened to be a nice combination. Minted small pips, indexes and courts look nice as well as stamped big pips. On the other hand red big pips are profusely lacquered and look like candy because of that. I think they can be slightly improved.

Bicycle Metal Deck: The King of Hearts


Bicycle Metal Deck: The Queen of Diamonds


Bicycle Metal Deck: The Jack of Spades


Bicycle Metal Deck: The Jack of Clubs


One tip for potential backers of this deck. Pay your money, get these decks and then demand from the producers some compensation for goods of improper quality. I am seriously. You pay your money and you want to get a new deck in return. Right? Look at this back. Will you believe that you are the first owner of such playing card? I swear I saw my neighbor sharpening his knife with this back 😉


Taking into account the theme of this deck, I have one very important question “Who will get USPCC’s metal printing plates of these playing cards?” 🙂

Bicycle Metal Deck: The Four of Spades


Bicycle Metal Deck: The Five of Hearts


Bicycle Metal Deck: The Six of Clubs


Bicycle Metal Deck: The Eight of Diamonds


By the way, the word “metal” originally meant “mines” and only later gained the general meaning of products from materials obtained in mines.




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2 responses to “Kickstarter: Bicycle Metal Deck by Max

  1. Max

    02.10.2014 at 20:27


    Thanks for your support.

    “No magician or collector without the Metal deck!”

    • Collector

      02.10.2014 at 22:53

      Congratulations with the funded project. Only 24 hours and you did it. Impressive.


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