Theory11: DeckOne Playing Cards

03 Feb

This playing cards designed by Homer Liwag for Theory11.

The box is made of paper 25% thicker than the Sentinels tuck case, and they are coated with a durable varnish. These cards protect themselves.


DeckONE features original illustration by Homer Liwag proudly on the box, the back design, the Jokers, the Ace of Spades, and even each court card. The Kings, Queens, and Jacks exude a unique patina.

DeckOne’s industrial inspiration draws from over 30 years of television and movie production design, concept art, and illustration. While sketching Bat Mobiles and Colonial Viper space ships as a kid in the 70’s, Homer dreamed of designing props and ships for TV shows and movies.

“I wanted the back design to appear heavy – like the giant otherworldly machines they depicted. For the case, I created the look of worn, military grade, black stamped steel by using thick metallic stock and subtle printing and embossing effects.”

D1IE is the perfect union of Homer’s formal training in Industrial Design and his passion for feature film conceptual art. A simple, sleek, modern design

The cards are printed in Q1 quality on the web casino press at USPCCAvailable now in limited quantities.

There are two editions of this deck. The second edition has improved colouring of a tuck case – now it looks even more metallic. A number on a flap of each tack case specifies the edition of the deck.








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