Kickstarter: Delirium Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

03 Nov

The designer of Good and Evil decks decided to create some beautiful in its craziness design for playing cards. As a result we have Delirium playing cards on Kickstarter. Delirium deck is designed by Thirdway Industries, Giovanni Meroni’s new brand of playing cards. Crazy, stylish, strange, vivid, funny… it’s all about them.

These playing cards are planned to be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC). Poker size.


The main deck for this project is Delirium Prism Playing Cards. The colour scheme for Delirium Prism uses acid green and blue as the main colours. The crazy scene on the front of the tuck case depicts the speechifying Delirium King, surrounded by his guards and his consorts (oh my, a harem in the pack of Anglo-French cards). On the back there is a scene with the Delirium Gods of War (well, at least one of them has a heart).

Delirium Prism Playing Cards: Tuck Case


The tuck case will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company on a special prismatic stock, delivered from outer space, which changes its colour at different angles. The stock is very bright and matte, so it shouldn’t affect colours of the artworks too much (this isn’t a hologram effect).

Delirium Prism Playing Cards: Tuck Case


The deck(s):

  • Custom court cards, aces and Jokers;
  • Custom pips and number cards;
  • Will have Master finish;
  • Poker size;
  • Embossed tuck case as a stretch goal;
  • Inner printing as a stretch goal;
  • Custom seal as a stretch goal;
  • Will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC).


You could pledge here: 

[FUNDED – December 01, 2014]

Once, Giovanni played cards and realized that standard card faces made the whole game boring. Restless soul of an artist. He let his imagination run away with him. The crazy design became a revenge for his boredom… It’s fair to say that Giovanni’s friends didn’t share his thoughts about the game and didn’t feel any boredom as they were able to break a bank due to his dreaming [this is a joke]. The harsh truth of life – poker isn’t for dreamers 😉

Delirium Prism Deck: Court Cards


Giovanni names the Ace of Spades “Sultano” as the ace shape is formed by the turban of a sage. The look of this sage tries to tell you “Calm down and don’t worry, you aren’t crazy, it’s just such a design”.

The Jack of Spades is the Apprentice Wizard. He’s noble and uses an arcane artifact of his family to cast spells. The Apprentice Wizard turned into duck during a battle with the Jack of Hearts. He isn’t too smart.

The Jack of Hearts is the Red Knight. He’s a natural enemy of the Jack of Spades. One of their battles turned both into ducks due to to the “skills” of the last. The Knight uses a heavy pole-axe in battles. He’s a psycho and a lady-killer. Also he loves to tickle his enemies.

The Jack of Clubs is the Scout Vanguard of the Delirium Deck. He wears light armor, have a nice cap with a feather and he’s probably high-born (at least he believes in that). The Vanguard uses a walking stick with a blade on the top. He loves the nature and has a flower badge on his belt.

The Jack of Diamonds is the Heavy Infantry. He’s stupid and brutal. Also he has a sharp halberd with a moon blade. The Heavy Infantry is the only Delirium character who wears a heavy armor (and hates summer due to that).

Delirium Prism Deck: Jacks

Delirium-Playing-Cards-by-Thirdway-Industries-Jacks Delirium-Playing-Cards-by-Thirdway-Industries-Jacks

The Queen of Spades is called La Badessa. She has a powerful holy staff that helps her to work miracles. The legend says that the staff belongs to artifacts of Delirium Gods. She is a sort of priestess of Delirium Realm, but she doesn’t have to be chaste. The King of Spades is her husband.

The Queen of Hearts is the Queen of Passion. She’s very pretty, but unfaithful. She falls in love with every man who is handsome, rich and is ready to give her flowers. Once, she seduced the King of Spades. But her husband, the King of Hearts, caught his cheating wife. Now Spades and Hearts are like the Capulets and the Montagues.

The Queen of Clubs is the Innocent Princess. She loves nature and flowers. Also she doesn’t eat meat or eggs on principle. The Princess is pretty but sad as there is no charming prince in the Delirium’s World.

The Queen of Diamonds is the Cruel Duchess. She’s ugly and rich. The Duchess uses flower based make-up to look better. She wears an expensive kimono and loves put in chains men.

Delirium Prism Deck: Queens


The King of Hearts is the Betrayed King. He was an awesome and aggressive warrior, who loved women, feasts and wine. The King loved his wife, the Queen of Hearts, even more than all those pleasant amusements… even more than his life. When his beloved queen betrayed him, it was a real tragedy for the King. He couldn’t kill her, so he committed suicide.

The King of Spades is the Rajah. He’s a serious, cold and inflexible person. He lost his mind only once… because of a hearted woman. But he made a mistake. The hearted woman happened to be without a heart. Thus he lost almost everything, his honor, his wife and his friend. His own heart has grown hard, and he became a heartless conqueror. That made him the most powerful king of Delirium Realm. However, without La Badessa, he’s very, very unhappy.

The King of Clubs is the Kind Monarch. He’s valiant and righteous. The Kind Monarch is in war with the King of Diamonds, the murderer of his wife. He almost killed him with his sharp blade in their recent battle. He loves nature and her daughter, the young Queen on Clubs in accordance with rules of Delirium world.

The King of Diamonds is the Vile Tyrant. He’s a coward sadist. The King of Diamonds caused a war with the King of Clubs by killing his wife with his bloody axe. He likes to destroy everything and prefer to backstab his opponents. All hate him, including his wife.

Delirium Prism Deck: Kings



Delirium Prism Deck: The Ace of Spades, Backs and Number Cards


Delirium Prism Deck: Uncut Sheet



Delirium Signature Edition Deck

Delirium Signature Edition will have its own customized white tuck box. The back will be signed and numbered.


The extras included in the Signature Edition:

  • Level 0 – Only Signature edition;
  • Level 1 – Signature Edition + Delirium Realm Book;
  • Level 2 – Signature Edition + Delirium Realm Book + A special commemorative card;
  • Level 3 – Signature Edition + Delirium Realm Book + A special commemorative card printed only for limited edition + another UNIQUE commemorative card.


Delirium Realm Book


Delirium Prism Deck: Custom Seal


Delirium Insomnia Deck

This deck is a stretch goal and will differ from Prism deck in some details and colours.


Delirium Insomnia Deck: Court Cards


Ok, gives up. This is a nice deck.





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