2015 [week 10] – Upcoming Decks

19 Mar


3. Outlaws Playing Cards

PCC-Badge-What PCC-Badge-When PCC-Badge-Postponed
is going to be produced in some way unknown
PCC-Badge-Who PCC-Badge-Printer
Creative Mints (Mike) ???
Mike is a Czech graphic designer with 12 years of experience working as a freelancer and a founder of Mints Interactive Limited. He decided to create his own playing card deck – Outlaws Playing Cards. It will have obvious smack of Mad Max in a steampunk world. As he says, “Gasoline smell, roaring motor and an off road track in front of you. Drive hard. Get Dirty 🙂 … it’s my new personal project – “Outlaws” playing card deck.” Mike is working on its production.

Outlaws Playing Cards: The Ace of Spades & Tuck Case – Front


Outlaws Playing Cards: Tuck Case – Back


Outlaws Playing Cards: Court Cards


Outlaws Playing Cards: The Queen of Spades



Outlaws Playing Cards: Joker


Outlaws Playing Cards: Pips


As a rule, I don’t do such things in this type of posts. But I can’t refrain from this. In case of Mike’s serious interest in playing card design, he has a lot of potential to become one of titans in this field.

Sketches by Mike (Creative Mints)

Sketches-by-Mike Sketches-by-Mike Sketches-by-Mike Sketches-by-Mike

This blog thanks all above mentioned sources from the bottom of its soft heart for some information and pictures. All rights belong to its owners.


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