Kickstarter: Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards)

02 Apr

While courts save their kingship (have their crowns), they are real bowling players in these decks. Randy granted them more comfortable and less formal “bowling” clothes. But a bowling shirt won’t be complete without an embroidered name. That’s why all court cards in both decks have different names on their shirts. 24 names total. They all are inspired from various people in Randy’s personal life, names from characters in Bowling Pop Culture, and random names that just have a Bowling “Vibe”. Randy also involved his family into these decks as his wife (Susan), daughter (Violet) and son (Aaron – the Black Jack of Clubs) each have their own card in Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA decks.

Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Black Edition Playing Cards: Court Cards – Spades


Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Red Edition Playing Cards: Court Cards – Spades


Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Red Edition Playing Cards: Court Cards – Hearts


Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Black Edition Playing Cards: Court Cards – Clubs


Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Red Edition Playing Cards: Court Cards – Diamonds


Randy designed a separate set of courts for the Black Edition and a separate set for the Red Edition. So, they have not only different names on their shirts, but also clothes of different colours.

Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards: Court Cards from Different Editions


As it has been said above, Randy was inspired by some characters in Bowling Pop Culture. The Red King of Hearts is Donny. He can be Theodore Donald “Donny” Kerabatsos. The Black King of Hearts is Walter. He can be Walter Sobchak. They both are members of the Dude’s bowling team from The Big Lebowski (a 1998 American crime comedy film) which, being a cult movie for wide circles of people, added a little bit of cult status to bowling. Who knows? Maybe we will see Jeffrey Lebowski (the Dude) and Jesus Quintana in this deck or Cosmic Lanes. Again, who knows?

Unique custom aces and number cards were designed to look like an overhead view of a Bowling Pins setup. 10 Pins = 10 possible PIPS, and plenty of different scoring leaves. Plus each such playing card has a special Team Name from Bowling Alleys (buildings or rooms containing lanes for bowling) around the world.

“Part of the fun of Bowling on a League is the creative and clever Team Names people come up with. The Numbers Cards for both Decks include easily readable, but subtly positioned, unique Team Names (80 different Team Names in total!). Most of the Team Names I chose are found in Bowling Alleys around the world. About a quarter of the Team Names are names I made up or chose to reference my personal life.” ~ Randy Butterfield

All number cards will have different combinations of untouched pins (pips). Backgrounds imitate a surface of bowling lanes.

Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Decks: Number Cards




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