Kickstarter: Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards)

02 Apr




Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Decks: Aces


Randy invented special names for both Aces of Spades. He decided to add something personal in them. “Midnight” in both of them has outlines of different colours, red and green.

“BLACK DECK: “Four Butterfields of the Apocalypse” – I’m the oldest of four boys, and I love a good apocalypse Movie or Television Show.

RED DECK: “Bowling the Midnight Oil” – modified from the phrase Burning the Midnight Oil, this name describes my work as Midnight Cards perfectly! Because of my busy full-time career, I work on Playing Card designs solely at night – usually from 10pm to Midnight or 1am.” ~ Randy Butterfield

As it has been mentioned above, Randy tried to imitate in the aces pins flying away due to bowling ball’s impact. Only both aces give a full strike 🙂 (5 pins + 5 pins = 10 pins).

Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards: The Aces of Spades


As you can see in the aces and number cards, bowling can be a real challenge for your skills and possibilities… especially when you have failed your strike. But there are people who don’t see any obstacles on the way of their bawling balls to intended targets.

PBA’s Best Bowling Trick Shots

There are four different Jokers in these decks. Each edition of Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA deck has its own pair. Jokers have names of Randy and his brothers (Tony, Duane and Kevin) on their shirts.

Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards: Jokers



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