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Playing Card Art: The Queen of Hearts by TigerHouseArt

This Queen Of Hearts gothic art print is designed by an American artists with the nickname – TigerHouseArt.

“…a dark and sinister queen of hearts, dont let the kind expression of her venetian mask and the flower fool you, and whatever you do dont turn your back on her…. not even for a second.” ~ TigerHouseArt

© TigerHouseArt

The Queen of Hearts by TigerHouseArt






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DeviantART: Gothic Playing Cards by Victor Hernan Aravena Leal

Here are several ghost style inspired playing cards from the Chilean artist, Victor Hernan Aravena Leal (VictHernAravnLeal). Joker is represented by some demon. Clubs are ideal pips to imitate gravestones of appropriate shape. All royals are skeletons. The Death has forgotten her scythe on the Ace of Clubs.

© Victor Hernan Aravena Leal (VictHernAravnLeal) 2013







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Bēhance: Gothic Aces by Scott Burdett

Gothic aces designed by the Brithish artist, Scott Burdett. Back looks like Gothic one. But do you think Aces are also Gothic?

© 2013 Scott Burdett

The Ace of Spades


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