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Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by David Kapah

An Israeli artist, David Kapah, designed this set of playing card artworks devoted to fantasy worlds. Some demons, servants of the Death, ghosts, and cursed warriors were prisoned in one deck of playing cards. A sinister company, but interesting art. Number cards are the worst part of this pack. The back design could be also better. But aces are really stylish.

© David Kapah 2013

Playing Cards by David Kapah: The Ace of Spades


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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Peter Donahue

Here you can enjoy very different playing card artworks created by the American artist, Peter Donahue (PeterDonahue). From death to life… animal life.

© Peter Donahue

The Ace of Death & The King of Death

Ace-of-Death-by-Peter-Donahue King-of-Death-by-Peter-Donahue

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DeviantART: Gothic Playing Cards by Victor Hernan Aravena Leal

Here are several ghost style inspired playing cards from the Chilean artist, Victor Hernan Aravena Leal (VictHernAravnLeal). Joker is represented by some demon. Clubs are ideal pips to imitate gravestones of appropriate shape. All royals are skeletons. The Death has forgotten her scythe on the Ace of Clubs.

© Victor Hernan Aravena Leal (VictHernAravnLeal) 2013







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Playing Card Art: Cards of Life and Death by Kornel Ravadits

Cards of Life and Death is unfinished set of several playing cards designed by the Hungarian artist Kornel Ravadits. Playing cards are dedicated to contraposition of life and desth which is depicted on cards. Each court card mirrors different ages and cultures emphasizing that the above mentioned contraposition is relevant for all of them.

© Kornel Ravadits

The King of Spades


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Bēhance: Playing Cards by Lizzie Harrison

Lizzie Harrison is an artist from New Zealand. She was ordered four playing cards for a game of snap. The cards had to be connected with the word Lethiferous which had the definition – Deadly; bringing death or destruction. Lizzie visually interpreted the meaning of the word by creation of the four cards.

© 2013 Lizzie Harrison



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