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The Perfect Pair Playing Cards by Rule29

Rule29 is the American design studio. Teaming up with Just For Kicks and O’Neil Printing, the studio set out to create a deck of cards to capture their love for games and fresh Kicks. From the beginning, the Perfect Pair deck was designed to be as usable as possible. The one-eyed jacks are present, as is the one-eyed king. Each face card was given a name after a type of person that loves their shoes: “The Athlete,” “The Congressman,” “The Writer,” “The Fashionista,” etc. The remaining 36 cards each feature a different shoe profile to complete the unique deck.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 4 Jokers. Poker size. There were printed 2,500 decks in 2012.

Rule29 decided to create a special box for these playing cards. It nicely imitates a shoe box.


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