The Perfect Pair Playing Cards by Rule29

29 Jul

Rule29 is the American design studio. Teaming up with Just For Kicks and O’Neil Printing, the studio set out to create a deck of cards to capture their love for games and fresh Kicks. From the beginning, the Perfect Pair deck was designed to be as usable as possible. The one-eyed jacks are present, as is the one-eyed king. Each face card was given a name after a type of person that loves their shoes: “The Athlete,” “The Congressman,” “The Writer,” “The Fashionista,” etc. The remaining 36 cards each feature a different shoe profile to complete the unique deck.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 4 Jokers. Poker size. There were printed 2,500 decks in 2012.

Rule29 decided to create a special box for these playing cards. It nicely imitates a shoe box.



Shoes are, by many, considered the ultimate expression of personal style. And even when you don’t consider yourself a shoe connoisseur, your kicks still make a statement about you.

So, what better way to combine style and fun than adding a favourite personal accessory to your favourite collection of 52 sequential, game-inducing cards? Next time you’re calling a bluff, or on the losing end of a mean game of war, at least you’ll be doing it in style.” ~ Rule29

Rule29_Playing_Cards_box_4 Rule29_Playing_Cards_box_5 Rule29_Playing_Cards_box Rule29_Playing_Cards_box_2 Rule29_Playing_Cards_box_3

The entire deck and box were printed using O’Neil’s HP Indigo digital press. The outer sleeve was printed 4/4 with white ink printed on top of the Neenah CLASSIC Linen Red Pepper stock. The tray was printed white ink first then 4/0 on Neenah’s Environment “Desert Storm” stock. Playing cards were printed 4/4 with a satin aqueous coating on CLASSIC Linen White Pearl (cardboard without graphitic layer) to add that final sheen to the set.

It was a bold experiment which has two sides. On the one hand the appearance of these playing cards is really amazing. All colours are some mixture of metallic ink and foil – even black and white (pearl). I tried to show that on pictures but it is really hard to shoot that effect.

Rule29_Playing_Cards_Foil_details Rule29_Playing_Cards_Foil_details_2

On the other hand O’Neil wasn’t able to provide full homogeneity of backgrounds. So you can see some spots on several playing cards. As a result some backs are marked due to that fact.

So, let’s try on this deck.


Rule29_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Spades Rule29_Playing_Cards_Spades_3_4 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Spades_5_6 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Spades_7_8 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Spades_9_10 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Spades_J_Q Rule29_Playing_Cards_King_of_Spades


Rule29_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Hearts Rule29_Playing_Cards_Hearts_3_4 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Hearts_5_6 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Hearts_7_8 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Hearts_9_10 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Hearts_J_Q Rule29_Playing_Cards_King_of_Hearts


Rule29_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Clubs Rule29_Playing_Cards_Clubs_3_4 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Clubs_5_6 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Clubs_7_8 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Clubs_9_10 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Clubs_J_Q Rule29_Playing_Cards_King_of_Clubs


Rule29_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Diamonds Rule29_Playing_Cards_Diamonds_3_4 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Diamonds_5_6 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Diamonds_7_8 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Diamonds_9_10 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Diamonds_J_Q Rule29_Playing_Cards_King_of_Diamonds


Rule29_Playing_Cards_Joker_2 Rule29_Playing_Cards_Joker

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