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Bēhance: Playing Cards by Kuan-Lin Chen

Playing cards designed by the American designer Kuan-Lin Chen. Yes, such a simple and even childish design :). But it is vivid and pleasant ;). The background needs improvement. This can be a variation of circus playing cards. © 2013 Kuan-Lin Chen

The King of Diamonds


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Kickstarter: Bicycle Royal Wilderness Playing Cards by Brett Dudo


Lions, Dragons, Deer, and Dire Wolves, immortally captured on Bicycle Branded Playing Cards. These animals are at war… This is a set of Playing Cards showing four animal factions, personified as the Court of each Suit. Brett Dudo in collaboration with Anita Birgány (handled the wildlife) and Eleanor Lutz (designed the unusual and very interesting back design) created a concept of this deck. This poker deck is planned to be printed by USPCC.


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