Kickstarter: Bicycle Royal Wilderness Playing Cards by Brett Dudo

25 Jun


Lions, Dragons, Deer, and Dire Wolves, immortally captured on Bicycle Branded Playing Cards. These animals are at war… This is a set of Playing Cards showing four animal factions, personified as the Court of each Suit. Brett Dudo in collaboration with Anita Birgány (handled the wildlife) and Eleanor Lutz (designed the unusual and very interesting back design) created a concept of this deck. This poker deck is planned to be printed by USPCC.


Suits in this deck:

  • Spades – Wolves;
  • Hearts – Deer;
  • Clubs – Dragons;
  • Diamonds – Lions.

Brett tried to pay his attention to playing card traditions – The Suicide King (The King of Hearts), the Man with the Axe (The King of Diamonds), the 1-eyed Jacks, the Bed Post Queen, the Spades looking to the East…

Inspiration for the back design came from the classic Bicycle Rider Back – the 2 main circles, and the larger connecting circle caught Brett’s attention. So with a help of Eleanor Lutz he combined that concept with a castle theme which fits royal animals from this deck – Royals should be in a castle.


You could pledge here: 

[FUNDED –  August 3, 2013]

This project will only be funded if at least $6,500 is pledged by Saturday Aug 3, 4:59pm EDT.


Bicycle_Royal_Wilderness_Playing_Cards_Queens Bicycle_Royal_Wilderness_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_Diamonds Bicycle_Royal_Wilderness_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_ClubsWesteros'_Wildlife_Playing_Cards_Spades Westeros'_Wildlife_Playing_Cards_Hearts Westeros'_Wildlife_Playing_Cards_Clubs Westeros'_Wildlife_Playing_Cards_Diamonds


Only blue back will be available.



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