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DeviantART: Playing cards by Mike Wilcox

An American artist, Mike Wilcox (Mi-Wi), had his own deck of playing cards in mind creating these playing card artworks. He wanted to design a deck with four thematic suits. Three of them should be Robots, Pirates, Ninjas. Mike didn’t decide about the fourth suits. The plan was to design one card per day. But I think he has  lost his interest in the project.

Nevertheless, he created several interesting playing card artworks. I think robots are better than ninjas. The full deck of robots could be a really nice present to playing card collectors. These playing cards have also custom suits which can be unusual for some collectors.

© Mike Wilcox 2012

The Seven of Robots


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DeviantART: Japanese Period Playing Cards by Gina-Rae Proxy

Japanese Period playing cards designed by the South African artist Gina-Rae Proxy (gRiM-LW).

[gRiM-LW’s gallery on DeviantART]

Date Masamune (Became shogunate after his father odered his men to kill him instead of give Date over to the enemy. He only had one eye, that he supposedly pulled out himself to proove a point.)

The woman who married Tokugawa Ieyasu (beheaded and erased from the history books on SUSPICION of treason.)” ~ © Gina-Rae Proxy


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