DeviantART: Japanese Period Playing Cards by Gina-Rae Proxy

02 Sep

Japanese Period playing cards designed by the South African artist Gina-Rae Proxy (gRiM-LW).

[gRiM-LW’s gallery on DeviantART]

Date Masamune (Became shogunate after his father odered his men to kill him instead of give Date over to the enemy. He only had one eye, that he supposedly pulled out himself to proove a point.)

The woman who married Tokugawa Ieyasu (beheaded and erased from the history books on SUSPICION of treason.)” ~ © Gina-Rae Proxy


Sanada Yukimura. Became an enemy of the state after political treachery killed his family and home village burned to the ground.

Hanzo. The greatest ninja to live. Master of illusion he was reported to have eaten a bull in front of a crowd of people in one mouthful. He also ran the Iga ninjas.” ~ © Gina-Rae Proxy



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