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Kickstarter: Venexiana Dark Playing Cards by Half Moon Playing Cards

A whole year after the first Venexiana deck, the story continues with a travel to the dark heart of 18th century Venice. Venexiana Dark features a series of obscure and marginal characters who complete the picture of this haunting city. Thieves, assassins, courtesans, wicked noblemen and masters of deception are all on board in this imaginary gondola.

The decks are planned to be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC).


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Kickstarter: Bicycle Venexiana Deck by Half Moon Playing Cards

The designer of Timeless deck and Butterfly deck made for RSVP Magic decided to propose people his own project – Bicycle Venexiana Playing Cards.

“Venexiana” – this is how the word “Veneziana” is written in the area of Veneto, in northern Italy. It’s familiar but at the same time strange, exactly as Venice itself. Venice is not just a beautiful city. It’s an impossible invention of time.

Inspired by designer’s love for this aged beauty, “Venexiana” recalls the elegance, playfulness and mystery of early 18th century Venice. It’s a completely custom deck, and every element, from pips to courts is entirely designed by Lotrek (the designer and owner of Half Moon Playing Cards). It is planned to be printed by USPCC.


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