Kickstarter: Ace Alcohol Education Playing Cards by Mickey Weedon

10 Feb

Ace Alcohol Education Playing Cards 54 characters with dangers and physical symptoms of Alcohol. “Important information people keep”. (creators of Death on Cigarettes Playing Cards, Death on Drugs Playing Cards and Life Playing Cards) decided to use Kickstarter for their new Ace Alcohol Education Playing Cards.

You could pledge here:


<I’ll try to show more pictures of this new deck as soon as they will be available. At this moment you can check a video on their Kickstarter page.> – read the comment by Mickey Weedon.


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4 responses to “Kickstarter: Ace Alcohol Education Playing Cards by Mickey Weedon

  1. Karen

    15.02.2013 at 02:57

    I really enjoy the information on your blog at!
    Fantastic information and facts that is related to this subject, thanks for posting.

  2. Mickey Weedon

    10.02.2013 at 02:45

    At this time no final art is done only sketches…You will have to trust me to create this new Alcohol Education deck which will be as cool as the Life Tobacco Education playing cards with 54 full color characters but with the more macabre look of my other two “Death Cigarette and Death On Drugs” playing card decks.
    It all gets kicked into high gear once I see I am going to make my goal. If so, I will also update and reproduce all my decks and create new one’s.
    Mickey Weedon
    Health Advocate
    Life or Death Playing Cards


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