Playing Cards by Azevedo & Cia Ltda

15 May

Poker playing cards produced by Azevedo & Cia Ltda (Recife, Brazil). An old and amazing method for printing was used – lithography. Any modern publisher isn’t able to print such “alive” court cards these days.

This Brazilian company was a cigarette maker. Some sigarette makers had their own lithographic presses to print labels for their packs of cigarettes. Sometimes they also used them to print playing cards. The deck was printed by Lithographia da Fabrica Caxias in accordance with the Ad card. As I understand this “fabrica” was a part of  Azevedo & Cia Ltda.

The designer – “?”.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 1 Joker + 1 Ad Card. Poker size. Year – “?” (I think it can be 1990-1930).

Azevedo_and_Cia_Poker_Deck_Back Azevedo_and_Cia_Poker_Deck_Box


All pictures are clickable


Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Ace_of_Spades Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Ace_of_Hearts Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Ace_of_Clubs Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Ace_of_Diamonds


Azevedo_and_Cia_The_King_of_Spades Azevedo_and_Cia_The_King_of_Hearts Azevedo_and_Cia_The_King_of_Clubs Azevedo_and_Cia_The_King_of_Diamonds


Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Queen_of_Spades Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Queen_of_Hearts Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Queen_of_Clubs Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Queen_of_Diamonds


Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Jack_of_Spades Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Jack_of_Hearts Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Jack_of_Clubs Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Jack_of_Diamonds

Number Cards

Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Ten_of_Clubs Azevedo_and_Cia_The_Two_of_Diamonds

Joker + Ad Card

Azevedo_and_Cia_Poker_Deck_Joker Azevedo_and_Cia_Poker_Deck_AdCard





This blog thanks World Web Playing Card Museum from the bottom of its soft heart for initial pictures of these playing cards and some information about them.

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