2013 [week 21] – Upcoming Decks

27 May
  • Bicycle Venexiana Playing Cards [June 1, 2013 on JumpStartCity]
  • Whispering Imps Playing Cards [June 1, 2013 on Kickstarter]
  • Karnival Playing Cards: Gold Edition [July, 2013]
  • Discoverie Playing Cards [early July, 2013]
  • Origins Playing Cards [unknown]


From “2013 [week 8] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Escape Deck – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 9] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Skull Playing Cards, Bicycle Cherub Playing Cards – scheduled.


From 2013 [week 11] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Karnival Elite Playing Cards – early July, 2013 [new pictures]

Pr1me Noir Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 14] – Upcoming Decks”:

Eric Duan’s Butterfly – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 16] – Upcoming Decks”:

Lee Terbosic Playing Cards: 2nd Ed,  Bicycle Karnival Delirium Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 17] – Upcoming Decks”:

Domo Japanese Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 18] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 19] – Upcoming Decks”:

Ritual Premier Playing Cards, The Amazing Deck by Flim Flam Films, The Black Book of Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 20] – Upcoming Decks”:

White Aladdin 1001 Playing Cards by The Blue Crown – released.



Bicycle Venexiana Playing Cards by Half Moon Playing Cards

The launching of this deck should be on 1st of June, 2013 on the new crowdfunding site 

This amazing deck will be dedicated to Venice and its inhabitants. It was designed by Greek artist Lotrek (nickname) who designed Timeless playing cards and Bicycle Butterfly playing cards for RSVP Magic. Playing cards are planned to be printed by USPCC and to have a vintage look of their backgrounds. “Venexiana” is the word used in the Venice dialect instead of “Veneziana” – it means “from Venice”. Half Moon laying Cards is a company established by Lotrek to design and produce custom playing cards of high quality.

JumpStartCity is a new analogue of Kickstarter with new features (read about it on Technorati).

Venexiana_Playing_Cards_Box Venexiana_Playing_Cards Venexiana_Playing_Cards_The_Ace_of_Spades Venexiana_Playing_Cards_The_Ace_of_Diamonds Venexiana_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_DiamondsVenexiana_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_Spades_2Venexiana_Playing_Cards_The_Four_of_Herts Venexiana_Playing_Cards_The_Five_of_Clubs Venexiana_Playing_Cards_Back


Whispering Imps Playing Cards by Chris Chelko

The Kickstarter campaign will launch June 1st, 2013.

The deck is designed by Mark Stutzman. The producer of this deck is Chris Chelko who drew his inspiration from Harry Kellar’s original Imps poster from 1894. Playing cards are planned to be printed by USPCC. The deck: a back design, a tuck case, The Ace of Spades and Jokers will be custom. Court cards will be standard but vintage (see the picture).

Harry Kellar was an American magician who presented large stage shows during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a predecessor of Harry Houdini and a successor of Robert Heller.

Whispering_Imps_posterWhispering_Imps_Playing_Cards1 Whispering_Imps_Playing_Cards_The_King_Of_Hearts Whispering_Imps_Playing_Cards_Back


Karnival Playing Cards: Gold Edition by Big Blind Media

The planned release date of this deck – July, 2013.

Big Blind Media decided to reprint its classic Bicycle Karnival playing cards in Gold Edition. The deck will be printed by USPCC and limited to only 4000 units. The design by Sam Hayles.



Discoverie Playing Cards by Big Blind Media

The planned release date of this deck is not until early July, 2013.

This deck is designed in the style of a rare first edition ‘Discoverie Of Witchcraft’ book (from 1584) in conjunction with Vanishing Inc. Intricate woodcuts from the book are featured on the faces of the cards and the Aces are adorned with a passage from the book, written in an elegant calligraphic style of the day. The tuck case acts as “covers” to protect the “pages” of cards within. The deck will be printed by USPCC and limited to only 5000 units.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft was a partially skeptical book published by the English gentleman Reginald Scot in 1584, which was intended as an exposé of medieval witchcraft. It contains a small section intended to show how the public was fooled by charlatans, which is considered the first published material on magic.



Origins Playing Cards

This is a new playing card project with an idea to fuse modern day standards with the detail and elegance of the 16th century originals. It is declared that the creator of this project was inspired by the art of French artist Pierre Maréchal who illustrated a beautiful set of playing cards in 1567. The art of the Origins are currently in development. The artist is Rick Davidson (New Zealand).

Origins_Playing_Cards Origins_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Diamonds Origins_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Diamonds_2 Origins_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Clubs Origins_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_SpadesOrigins_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Hearts Origins_Playing_Cards_Jack_of_DiamondsOrigins_Playing_Cards_Back Origins_Playing_Cards_Back_2

New Back Design




Find more up to date information HERE


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