Kickstarter: Deck of the Extraordinary Voyages by BentCastle Workshops

06 Jun

This is a beautifully illustrated and designed Steampunk-styled playing card deck produced by BentCastle Workshops (Chris Pallace – illustrator and Ben Crenshaw – designer) for card players, gamers, magicians and fans of Jules Verne. BentCastle Workshops is the successful producer of Pippoglyph playing cardsPegleg Pete’s Deck of Royal Rogues, Deck of the Living Dead.


Extraordinary-Voyages-Big-Box-2 Extraordinary-Voyages-Big-Box

Deck of the Extraordinary Voyages draws from a collection of works by Jules Verne known as Les Voyages Extraordinaires.  Within the deck, each suit draws upon his worlds for its theme and imagery. Spades rule the ground and below, Hearts the skies, Diamonds the stars, and Clubs the oceans.

Deck of the Extraordinary Voyages: Tuck Cases

Extraordinary-Voyages-Box-Red Extraordinary-Voyages-Box-Blue

BentCastle Workshops traditionally print a 60 card deck. To the standard 52 plus two Jokers, they add four X cards, a double-backed card, and a blank. In this deck X cards are Emissaries: from the moon, the undersea kingdom, the skies, and subterranean kingdoms.

You could pledge here: [FUNDED on October 5, 2012]

You can still find them here.

Sketches of possible Jokers

Extraordinary-Voyages-Joker-3 Extraordinary-Voyages-Joker-2

Sketches of Court Cards

Extraordinary-Voyages-Jack-of-Spades Extraordinary-Voyages-King-of-Spades Extraordinary-Voyages-Jack-of-Clubs Extraordinary-Voyages-Jack-of-Clubs-2 Extraordinary-Voyages-Queen-of-Diamonds-2 Extraordinary-Voyages-Queen-of-Diamonds

Details of the Blue Back


Sketches of X Cards

Extraordinary-Voyages-X-Card-Clubs-3 Extraordinary-Voyages-X-Card-Clubs Extraordinary-Voyages-X-Card-Clubs-2


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