Kickstarter: Alice of Wonderland Playing Cards by Juan Solorzano

29 Jun



“I’m making a major update about sending out the rewards. I recently gained new employment that is stable and was desperately needed. Now that I am gainfully employed, I can afford to ship more decks out. I have already sent a few and more will go out.

My first paycheck is this weekend, so a few more decks will be shipped. As I get paid every 2 weeks, I will increase the amount of decks. Those that are recieving them I would appreciate any comments that you have as soon as you get them. Some have recieved their decks recently, I would appreciate your comments as well.

I do want to avoid any legal action and just get these items shipped to everyone. Do you agree? Again, I just started working at a professional job that will enable me to ship everything out. Thank you.

Also, if your address has changed, please let me know and I will update your address on Backerkit.” ~ Juan Solorzano

These playing cards are inspired by Lewis Carroll’s legendary Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the Steampunk genre. The deck is designed by Juan Solorzano. It is planned to be printed by USPCC.

There will be two editions: Silver Edition (Black&White court cards) and Gold Edition (coloured court cards and vintage backgrounds). The tuck case of the Gold Edition:


The original Wonderland story was written and set in the late 1800’s Victorian era. The genre of Steampunk derives from that same era so it ties in nicely with the Wonderland theme.

Fairy tales are a great medium to be entertained from, and growing up I was fascinated by them. I want to take that same love and passion we all reminisce about and put them into a deck of playing cards – the cards that come from my vision of a Steampunk Wonderland. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s (Charles Dodgson) original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I wanted to take this classic story further, by continuing Alice’s Adventures as a young lady who earns the title – “Alice of Wonderland”. My deck of playing cards, as well as my main story, has a Steampunk Wonderland theme. I am keeping the traditional de la Rue design style by only illustrating the face cards and keeping the numbered cards basic, but with a hint of Wonderland.

The 4 main kingdoms of Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamond, rule Wonderland. I am including Alice, the Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and the White Rabbit as the Joker playing cards illustrated in full pose and in the same black and white line art as the royal face cards.” ~ Juan Solorzano

The deck: 52 playing cards (custom court cards + custom pips) + 4 different Jokers. Poker size.


You could pledge here: 

[FUNDED – Jul 28, 2013]

This project will only be funded if at least $19,500 is pledged by Sunday Jul 28, 9:02pm EDT.



Juan decided to change his design a little and to add colour to it. Black & white deck is now planned to be the Silver Edition. 



Alice_of_Wonderland_Playing_Cards_Box_Siver_Edition_2 Alice_of_Wonderland_Playing_Cards_Box_Silver_Edition

The King of Hearts + The Queen of Hearts


Hearts (Silver Edition)


Joker (Silver Edition)


Back (Silver Edition)


The Queen of Hearts in comparison with The Queen of Spades  (Silver Edition)




The Ace of Hearts


The Jack of Hearts


The Queen of Hearts


The King of Hearts


Hearts (Gold Edition)


Joker (Gold Edition)


Back (Gold Edition)


The King of Hearts (Silver Edition) in comparison with The King of Hearts (Gold Edition)


The Hatter for t-shirts



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2 responses to “Kickstarter: Alice of Wonderland Playing Cards by Juan Solorzano

  1. Genio

    15.10.2014 at 05:05

    While the shown artwork of this set looks really good, after nearly a year most of the people who backed this project still haven’t gotten the decks they paid for. Juan was selling these cards on Ebay and Amazon but hasn’t shipped to people who paid for them.

    • Collector

      15.10.2014 at 22:36

      Hi Genio (or Geino, your e-mail doesn’t corresponding with your nickname).

      Welcome on my blog.

      Sometimes designers are better in design than in business. I see that people claim their decks from him on Kickstarter. Some even weigh upon him. Are you Eugene Alex from Kickstarter?

      I don’t think that this is Founders or Asylum example. I doubt that this is a scam. Do you want to find out about a real scam? Read comments to Founders project on Kickstarter.

      He printed decks and tries to send them. This can be a bad planning and fulfillment. And you have the right to be dissatisfied with this. But…

      Let’s assume that he made a mistake and spent some money and don’t have enough money to send all decks to his backers. Yes, this is a huge mistake (actually we don’t know what had happened). But what can he do now for you? To sell some decks and cover appropriate shipping costs. You want a refund. Fair. But he has to get money for you from somewhere as he presumably doesn’t have them.

      Sometimes patience and wisdom can help. Sometimes people like to arrange some baiting and don’t understand that they do worse. You will weigh upon him. So what? Do you believe that it’ll help him to get money?

      I think he will send all decks. But he is wrong in this situation and you will always be able to punish him in an elegant way. You won’t invest in any of his future projects (if you’ll want). Also you made an appropriate rebuke here. People will bear it in mind.

      I hope Solano will send all decks and you’ll get yours. Otherwise I’ll have to flag this project as some type of scam 😦


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