Bēhance: Playing Cards by John Powell

07 Sep

The author of this artwork (John Powell) …



… was working with Circle City Card Company on a deck of playing cards. The company lost a lot of people’s trust on Kickstarter as it’s both owners had very serious problems with the fulfilment of their obligations. So there is no information about the further destiny of this project. See some examples. © 2013 John Powell

Examples of some work I’ve done for Circle City Card company to complete a full suite of cards for an upcoming deck they will be putting out. Some cards have esoteric secret as well as complete suite of deadly weapons.” ~ John Powell

The King of Spades


The King of Hearts


The King of Clubs


The King of Diamonds


The Queen of Spades


The Queen of Hearts


The Queen of Clubs


The Queen of Diamonds


The Jack of Spades


The Jack of Hearts


The Jack of Clubs


The Jack of Diamonds



See other playing card projects on Bēhance (Category: “Bēhance”).


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One response to “Bēhance: Playing Cards by John Powell

  1. John Powell

    13.09.2013 at 01:17

    Thanks for posting them here but the poster for DNA cycling above has nothing to do with the deck of cards I’ve produced art for Circle City Cards. You are welcome to view the process video of them I’ve made here –

    I have contacted Circle City a few times about the future of these cards but have not heard anything since June. I’d really like to see this deck produced but I’m currently unaware of its future and as I don’t own the rights to the art I’ve produced I’ve even offered to buy it back to produce it myself but again I’ve had no response.

    Thanks for your support and thanks for producing such a great resource for collectors!




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