Playing Cards and Art: Posters #3

16 Nov

The third portion of posters inspired by playing cards.

All rights reserved and belongs to their owners

1. Theatre poster by Tanguy Ginter de Parseval

This poster was created to promote a play in France.


2. Ace of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts by Chadi Serhal

These posters were designed for a store. They determine the discounts customers can get on their Valentine’s and Mother’s Day gift purchases.


3. Harley Quinn by Timothy John Shumate

Harley Quinn poster designed by Timothy John Shumate. The artist decided to dedicate the artwork to Joker’s girlfriend from the DC Comics Universe.


4. Betrayers Banquet by Iain Macarthur

Design done for event called Betrayers’ Banquet (2013). The Betrayers’ Banquet is a 32 course banquet with an embedded implementation of the iterated prisoner’s dilemma, a game famous from classical game theory and economics, presented as an immersive theatrical experience.


5. Queen Mona Lisa by Sean Bradfield

Laser Etch Design with Mona Lisa mashed up with a Queen playing card. “L” index instead of “Q” one.





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