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Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: Gig Posters Playing Cards #1 is a Canadian site dedicated to the artists, designers and musicians who create gig posters to advertise shows and events. It is some kind of international community for these categories of people. They are concentrated on music events. You can submit your works and take part in the community for free. Gig Posters accepts gig poster, flyers and handbills. They do not accept promotional, non-music related posters or posters for shows that did not happen. There must be at least one musical performer listed on the poster. (a band or DJ).

From time to time Gig Posters selects some artworks and produces a deck of playing cards. There are three decks at this moment. And this article is dedicated to the first one which was printed in 2005 (two other decks will be described on pages of this blog as well) – Gig Poster Playing Card Deck 1.

The deck: 52 playing cards with different artworks + 2 Jokers with different artworks + ad card. Bridge size. Playing cards are printed (by TMPC) on cardboard and have a glossy finish. The tuck case (designed by The Decoder Ring Design Concern) has also a glossy finish.

The tuck case is clickable


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Bēhance: Playing Cards by Amanda Small

This was orginally from a project Amanda Small did in her design class, where the objective was to create playing cards. She decided to design playing card based on her favorite generes of music. Classics from the generes of R&B, Soul, and Motown were constently being played through out her house growing up. So Amanda has a strong connection with such music as it has an influence on her creative work.

The artist used animals to reflect the style of music she loves. In her interpretation, a turtle is slow but is not in a rush to get anywhere. It goes with the flow which to her is what a lot of these classic Soul and R&B songs represent. These playing cards were all drawn by hand , scanned , and painted in Photoshop.

© 2013 Amanda Small


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Playing cards by Matt Busch

Matt Busch (born 1972) is an American artist. He had graduated from Macomb with an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic and Commercial Art in 1993. He also joined the Los AngelesArtAcademy and received a Bachelor Degree from the Art Center College of Design.

Matt lived in Los Angeles and worked on Hollywood in ’90s. Later he moved in Northern Detroit area and founded his own company Planetmatt Entertainment. Matt continues to work on Hollywood projects but also he has his own projects (filmmaking, comics and art).

This deck of playing cards is 54 iconic Pop culture images from the “Rock Star of Illustration”. It concludes 54 different Busch’s artworks.

The deck: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers. Poker size. Playing cards are printed on casino cardboard with semi-smooth glossy finish (laminated).

Matt-Busch-Playing-Cards-Box-Front Matt-Busch-Playing-Cards-Box-Back

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Bēhance: The King of Hearts (KISS) by Matty Watson

Gig poster for KISS designed by Matty Watson as The King of Hearts. KISS is an American hard rock band formed in New York City in January 1973 by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. It’s well known for its members’ face paint and stage outfits. KISS rose to prominence in the mid to late 1970s with their elaborate live performances.


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Playing Card Art: Katerina Veselova – Playing Cards Inspired by Lady Gaga

Playing Cards inspired by Lady Gaga and designed by Katerina Veselova. Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Gaga is noted for her flamboyant and diverse contributions to the music industry via her fashion, live performances and music videos.

Lady-Gaga-Playing-Cards-Joker Lady-Gaga-Playing-Cards-Back

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