A Deck of Cards by Monja Gentschow

08 Feb

Monja Gentschow works at the Monifaktur. Due to his productive collaboration with iGNANT, he proudly presents A Deck of Cards. Summarized on 32 cards of tearpfoor and water-repellent synthetic paper, you will find a fresh and unusual perspective on good old jack, king, queen and ace. These are composed of various drawings and illustrations with pencil, pen, tape and water color.

A-Deck-of-Cards-by-Monja-Gentschow-Queen-of-DiamondsA Deck of Cards by Monja Gentschow: Aces


A-Deck-of-Cards-by-Monja-GentschowA Deck of Cards by Monja Gentschow: The King of Hearts & The Queen of Clubs


A Deck of Cards by Monja Gentschow: The Jack of Clubs



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