Playing Cards and Games: Dragon Age II Playing Cards by Dark Horse

25 Feb

“The BioWare development team has also helped us design a fantastic deck of Dragon Age II playing cards. The detailed artwork captures the look and feel of the game and is a perfect addition to your Dragon Age game collection!” ~ Dark Horse

BioWare is a Canadian video game developer founded in February 1995 by newly graduated medical doctors Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and Augustine Yip. BioWare is currently owned by American company Electronic Arts. The company specializes in role-playing video games.

Dragon Age II is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare, and published by Electronic Arts. It is the second major game in the Dragon Age franchise.

You can check them here.

All pictures are clickable

Dragon Age II Playing Cards: Tuck Case



Dragon Age II Playing Cards: Court Cards


Dragon Age II Playing Cards: Court Cards


Dragon Age II Playing Cards: Joker







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2 responses to “Playing Cards and Games: Dragon Age II Playing Cards by Dark Horse

  1. Dmitry Titarenko

    25.02.2013 at 13:39

    Good idea, poor execution..

    • Collector

      25.02.2013 at 20:29

      I think faces of cards aren’t bad. The back design… 🙂
      Any game based on a fantasy genre should give to artists plenty of scope for their talents in this case. On the other hand a cool stylized design will cost plenty of money. As a rule such playing cards should be an inexpensive (for producers) addition to a game. So they use appropriate paid sketch game designs. Some of them are better, some of them are worse.

      Welcome on my blog, Dmitry.


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