Kickstarter: The Mystic Playing Cards by Jean LaBelle

27 Feb

Years of Dreams have gone into this Playing Cards Art Deck by Jean LaBelle. To be printed by the USPCC.


This deck is VERY special to me, and it’s because of the story behind it all.  This project truly has been decades in the making.  My name is Jean LaBelle and I have marveled at cards and magic since I was a boy. Around the age of 11, I became facinated with cards and magic. I worked hard at learning to perform and my father supported me.  For many years, my father helped show me the wonders of art but shortly after I turned 15, my father died of a heart attack. 

I continued to work on art and in addition, I continued to practice magic. But, I long dreamed of one day creating those special card designs.  I’ve finally applied that dream to THIS deck.  A deck inspired by the appreciation of art which had been shown to me by my father, but also a special inspiration… I acquired an old sketchbook of my fathers from 1947 which was given to me by an aunt. In honor of him, I applied that art as a model to both the deck’s art, mood, and vision. Thank you for your support.” ~ Jean LaBelle

Details of The Mystic Deck:

  • Printed by the Bicycle® Playing Card Company – USPCC
  • Famous Quality Bicycle® Card Stock
  • Smooth Handling Linen Embossed Magic Finish
  • Custom Artwork to entire 56 card Deck and Box
  • Beautifully Based on Playing Card Traditions

You could pledge here: 

[Funding Unsuccessful]

This project will only be funded if at least $12,000 is pledged by Monday Apr 1, 2013.





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2 responses to “Kickstarter: The Mystic Playing Cards by Jean LaBelle

  1. Jean L.

    13.03.2013 at 02:16

    I hope that you might find a special uniqueness in these cards as they came from many areas of influence. you may also wish to visit: ~ Jean (creator of these cards)


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