Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: 52 Aces Playing Cards by Zeixs [2nd Edition]

02 May


The Ace of Diamonds – Scotty Reifsnyder (USA):


The 2 of Diamonds – Wotto / Craig Watkins (USA):

The 3 of Diamonds – Nicola Felaco (ITA):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Two-of-Diamonds 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Three-of-Diamonds

The 4 of Diamonds – Bia van Deventer (RSA):

The 5 of Diamonds – Maurice van Brast (GER):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Four-of-Diamonds 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Five-of-Diamonds

The 6 of Diamonds – Wesley Eggebrecht (USA):

The picture of The 6 of Diamonds isn’t suitable for persons under 16 years old. If you are 16 years old or older you can see it here [password: 16

The 7 of Diamonds – Michael Sieben (USA):


The 8 of Diamonds – Matt W. Moore (USA):

The 9 of Diamonds – Waste Studio (GBR):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Eight-of-Diamonds 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Nine-of-Diamonds

The 10 of Diamonds – Michael Hacker (AUT):

The Jack of Diamonds – Jonathan Ball (GBR):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Ten-of-Diamonds 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Jack-of-Diamonds

The Queen of Diamonds – Ragnar (USA):

The King of Diamonds – Simon Prades (GER):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Queen-of-Diamonds 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-King-of-Diamonds

Joker 1 – Seldon Hunt (AUS):

Joker 2 – Greg “Craola” Simkins (USA):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-Joker-1 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-Joker-2

Several working variants of playing cards

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Six-of-Hearts-working 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Eight-of-Diamonds-working 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-Joker-1-working





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