Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: 52 Aces Playing Cards by Zeixs [2nd Edition]

02 May

Zeixs (Germany) is the fusion of online and print media – the portal for interactive Books for Designers. It was founded by the publishing house Feierabend Unique Books and the design agency 12ender in 2007. Zeixs is about all forms and fields of graphic design – from typography, illustration and photography to animation and industrial design. Their concept “Submit your works and we will include them in our books which are distributed all over the world”.

So from time to time they organize artists from different parts of the world for creating a deck of playing cards as a collective art project. The process based on their concept and free competition. Artists submit their artworks to Zeixs and Zeixs selects final artworks among them for their deck. Read how to collaborate with them.

The basic idea was to have each of those cards individually designed by an international designer or illustrator in their distinct style. Then the unique ensemble, in which a variety of illustrations in many styles come together to form an interesting compendium, was to be presented in high-quality packaging and sold in a limited editions.

This is the second “52 Aces” deck of playing cards produced by Zeixs. The deck includes 54 different artworks: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers. Poker size. Playing cards are available in two editions: Deluxe Edition in a special tin and Light Edition in a foil laminated cardboard box. The declared run of each edition: 999 decks. Playing cards are printed on high quality casino cardboard.


52 Aces Playing Cards #2: Light Edition Box



The Ace of Spades – Pete Fowler (GBR):


The 2 of Spades – Diego Hernan Mazzeo (ARG):

The 3 of Spades – Alessandro Pautasso (ITA):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Two-of-Spades 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Three-of-Spades

The 4 of Spades – Mr. Kone (MEX):

The 5 of Spades – Jorge Alderete (MEX):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Four-of-Spades 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Five-of-Spades

The 6 of Spades – Eduardo Recife (BRA):

The 7 of Spades – Chris Parks (USA):


The 8 of Spades – Gary Taxali (CAN):

The 9 of Spades – Nod Young (CHN):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Eight-of-Spades 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Nine-of-Spades

The 10 of Spades – Felideus (ESP):

The Jack of Spades – Lars Henkel (GER):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Ten-of-Spades 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Jack-of-Spades

The Queen of Spades – Anne Cresci (FRA):

The King of Spades – Yury Ustsinau (BLR):

52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-Queen-of-Spades 52-Aces-Playing-Cards-The-King-of-Spades


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