Bēhance: Poker Playing Cards by Gosia Herba

05 Jun

Playing cards were designed by Gosia Herba as a promotional deck for Road Transport Systems (Poland). They are not for sale.

Copyrights of all pictures published on this post are reserved by Gosia Herba. No material published here can be copied, reproduced, posted, used in any way without her written permission.


Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_Jack_of_Spades Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Spades Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_Spades Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_Jack_of_Hearts Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Hearts Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_Hearts Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_Jack_of_Clubs Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Clubs Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_Clubs Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_Jack_of_Diamonds Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Diamonds Gosia_Herba_Playing_Cards_The_King_of_Diamonds


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