Kickstarter: Bicycle The Royal Dogs Playing Cards by PugFrog Productions

10 Jun

Bicycle The Royal Dogs Playing Cards: The Pugs is a custom deck of poker-sized playing cards. Designed by a lads at PugFrog Publications. These fun and whimsical cards depicts the antics of a plethora of lovable pugs. These are planned to be printed by USPCC.

New Tuck Case


Old Tuck Case


PugFrog is a group of designers, developers, and writers taking on your projects and seeing them through to fruition.  With a wide variety of backgrounds and extensive creative contacts we are able to find the right talent for your web, game, or publishing endeavors.” ~ PugFrog Publications

The deck:

  • The Royal Dogs Playing Cards: The Pugs custom artwork
  • Whimsically designed pug card backs
  • Unique royal court face cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings and the bicycle riding Joker)
  • A custom The Royal Dogs Playing Cards: The Pugs  tuck box
  • Custom seal


You could pledge here: [Funding Unsuccessful]

This project will only be funded if at least $18,000 is pledged by Friday Jul 12, 3:00pm EDT.


New Joker and Back Design


Old Joker and Back Design


New Aces and Number Cards

Bicycle_The_Royal_Dogs_Playing_Cards_SpadesBicycle_The_Royal_Dogs_Playing_Cards_Hearts Bicycle_The_Royal_Dogs_Playing_Cards_Clubs Bicycle_The_Royal_Dogs_Playing_Cards_Diamonds

Old Aces and Number Cards


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