DeviantART: Wakfu Playing Cards by Paola

10 Jun

WAKFU is a French global transmedia brand by Ankama Games revolving around an online tactical turn-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In addition to the online game, elements consist of an Xbox Live Arcade Game (Islands of WAKFU), an animated television series (WAKFU), comics/manga, a trading card game, action figures, and more. The game was released on February 29, 2012. It was published by Square Enix in North America while Ankama Games retains publishing rights for the rest of the world.

Paola (tite-pao) designed a set of playing cards based on main girl heroes of the game.

French indices: As – Ace | Roi – King | Dame – Queen | Valet – Jack. Pictures are clickable


wakfu_playing_cards_joker_2_by_tite_pao wakfu_playing_cards_joker_1_by_tite_pao


wakfu_playing_cards_ace_of_spades_by_tite_paowakfu_playing_cards_ace_of_hearts_by_tite_pao wakfu_playing_cards_ace_of_clubs_by_tite_paowakfu_playing_cards_ace_of_diamonds_by_tite_pao


wakfu_playing_cards_king_of_spades_by_tite_paowakfu_playing_cards_king_of_hearts_by_tite_pao wakfu_playing_cards_king_of_clubs_by_tite_paowakfu_playing_cards_king_of_diamonds_by_tite_pao


wakfu_playing_cards_queen_of_spades_by_tite_paowakfu_playing_cards_queen_of_hearts_by_tite_pao wakfu_playing_cards_queen_of_clubs_by_tite_paowakfu_playing_cards_queen_of_diamonds_by_tite_pao


wakfu_playing_cards_jack_of_spades_by_tite_paowakfu_playing_cards_jack_of_hearts_by_tite_pao wakfu_playing_cards_jack_of_clubs_by_tite_paowakfu_playing_cards_jack_of_diamonds_by_tite_pao

All Cards



Tite-pao’s gallery on DeviantART:


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