2013 [week 28] – Upcoming Decks

15 Jul
  • Global Titans Playing Cards [available]
  • Bicycle Venexiana Playing Cards [on Kickstarter July 16, 2013 – 10 a.m. EST]


From “2013 [week 8] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Escape Deck – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 9] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Skull Playing Cards, Bicycle Cherub Playing Cards – scheduled.


From 2013 [week 11] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Karnival Elite Playing Cards by Big Blind Media released.

Pr1me Noir Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 14] – Upcoming Decks”:

Eric Duan’s Butterfly – released.


From “2013 [week 16] – Upcoming Decks”:

Lee Terbosic Playing Cards: 2nd Ed – I think this is a dead project.

Bicycle Karnival Delirium Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 17] – Upcoming Decks”:

Domo Japanese Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 18] – Upcoming Decks”:

Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 19] – Upcoming Decks”:

The Amazing Deck by Flim Flam Films, The Black Book of Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 21] – Upcoming Decks”:

Karnival Playing Cards: Gold Edition, Discoverie Playing Cards, Origins Playing Cards – scheduled.


From “2013 [week 27] – Upcoming Decks”:

Angry God Of Wealth Playing Cards, Playing Cards by Lucky Card Company – scheduled.



Global Titans by Conjuring Arts Research Center (CARC). 

Global Titans are the premiere release of The Expert Playing Card Company, LLC. CARC promises a thin, flexible and workable deck manufactured and then finished by hand in Shanghai.

The packs come in a beautiful Art Nouveau tuck case that is both gold foil stamped as well as embossed.

These cards are embossed with a fine texture and handle and feel quite differently than any other deck that Conjuring Arts has ever released. Orders of 12 decks come in a custom Global Titan brick box, printed both inside and out. The Global Titan pack comes in Classic Gold and Pearl White and the custom brick box is specific to each color back. These cards are limited and will not be reprinted.

These playing cards remind classic Triton N 42 decks printed by The New York Consolidated Card Co. last time in 1925 (now USPCC’s trademark). Unfortunately the name Global Titans doesn’t have any sense. On The Ace of Spades and Jokers are Tritons. CARC’s court cards are traditionally vintage with traditionally special kings: The King of Spades – David Blaine; The King of Hearts – Bill Kalush; The King of Clubs – Buck Twins. So you won’t find Titans in these decks. This is obvious as they were substituted by Olympic Gods (Triton is one of those Olympic Gods).

Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_Box_Front_4 Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_Box_Front Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_Box_Sides Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_Box_Front_@ Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_King_of_Hearts Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_Ace_of_Spades Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_Backs Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_Brick_Box Global_Titans_Playing_Cards_Brick_Box_2


Bicycle Venexiana Playing Cards by Half Moon Playing Cards

Will be on Kickstarter July 16, 2013 – 10 a.m. EST(USPCC)

Finaly this project will be launched on Kickstarter. JumpStartCity dissapointed. But Lotrek (Timeless Deck, Bicycle Butterfly Deck) didn’t give up and found his way on Kickstarter which tells a lot about organization of the upcoming Kickstarter project and chances to see it really printed.  The deck planned to be printed by USPCC. Lotrek changed vintage pale backgrounds of playing cards and a tuck case – now they are white.



Find more up to date information HERE



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2 responses to “2013 [week 28] – Upcoming Decks

  1. Conjuring Arts

    19.07.2013 at 22:10

    Thanks for your interest in the Global Titans.

    To clarify any confusion:

    Printing in China is a decision made based on features and quality and has absolutely nothing to do with trying to get around intellectual property law or copyright law.

    The Expert Playing Card Co. is not infringing on any copyrights or trademarks in any way whatsoever. We knowingly and openly are using old designs and names modifying them as we produce new decks of cards. We have an extensive (perhaps one of the bigger) collection of old back designs and tuck boxes from the 1890s to 1920s and fully intend on repurposing and remixing this amazing Art Nouveau artwork. In no way are we trying to imitate anything that USPCC is doing now nor has done for many decades. On the other hand, we will be using old styles, fonts and designs that we feel shouldn’t be relegated to the dustbin of history.

    Triton and Tritons are NOT trademarks of the USPCC and they were never trademarked by the USPCC nor the New York Consolidated Card Company, which used it as a brand circa 1895. However, the word “Triton” is trademarked by another American firm that makes playing cards for casinos. Here is a link to the design of their playing cards:
    I’m sure you’ll agree that our decks have nothing to do with the Triton playing cards currently on the market.

    We chose the name Global Titan for fun reasons and make no representation whatsoever that we have anything to do with Greek mythology or gods of any sort at all. In fact, our intent was never to make decks that follow any ancient mythology or religion but instead to reinvigorate great old designs and Art Nouveau sensibilities. Mark Stutzman is not represented as a king in our deck and we never had the intention of our kings representing Olympic gods.

    Enjoy the cards and please find us at
    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

    • Collector

      19.07.2013 at 23:55

      Welcome on my blog, CARC.

      First of all thank you for interesting information about “Triton” trademark and Mark Stutzman. I didn’t know that information about “Triton” and was misled regarding Mark. I made appropriate changes in the post.

      As you can see from my blog I am not concentrated only on USPCC decks so China manufacturers of cards are not a problem for me in case of appropriate control of their work. And I am sure CARC had that control. The manufacturer was mentioned as information not as some kind of obloquy.

      Also I didn’t say and didn’t mean that CARC violated someone’s copyright or trademark. You are a grand organization and you worked with USPCC. So I think it is actually obvious that you didn’t do that. On the other hand I think you are the first one who can help with reprints of old USPCC’s decks. I think it can be also interesting.

      My big problem with these two decks is their name. I think it doesn’t have sense taking into account that Tritons are depicted on all its custom cards. Even if you chose the name for fun reasons without any desire to connect the deck with Greek mythology that name doesn’t have sense. Titans as well as Tritons are Greek mythology and you can’t do anything with that 🙂 And any usage of the word “titan” has a connection with Greek Gods.

      So in one or another way the name is senseless for me. Is it a disaster? No. But I’d like to see more well-considered names for decks from CARC as in my opinion your organization is a library but not a bookstall. I hope you understand me. Besides the name I don’t have any complaints regarding the deck. But I wish it isn’t a full reprint of “Triton N42”.

      With respect.


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