Bēhance: KHLim Playing Cards by Nancy Schokkenbroek

16 Jul

This is a set of illustrated playing cards that display various studies the KHLim offers. Designed by the Dutch artist – © 2012 Nancy Schokkenbroek

KHLim – Limburg Catholic University College – a member of the University of Leuven association, the university network of Leuven University and twelve university colleges in Flanders, reaching from the Dutch border to the North Sea.

A little strange detail – traditional indices for Dutch Pattern are: AceAce ; Heerser (or heer) – King; Vorstin – Queen; Bengel (or boefje) Jack (knave). But Nancy uses Dutch “H” for kings and English “Q” for queens.


KHLim_Playing_Cards_by_Nancy_Schokkenbroek_King KHLim Playing Cards by Nancy Schokkenbroek_King KHLim_Playing_Cards_by_Nancy_Schokkenbroek_Ace KHLim_Playing_Cards_by_Nancy_Schokkenbroek_Queen KHLim_Playing_Cards_by_Nancy_Schokkenbroek_Queen_2


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