Kickstarter: Decked Out Fashion Playing Cards by Connie Lim

27 Nov

Connie Lim tries to create a playing card deck composed from 54 hand drawn illustrations inspired by fashion. She is an American fashion illustrator and designer. This is her personal art project on Kickstarter. Decks are planned to be printed by USPCC.


Based on the number and the feel of the suits, I drew totem pole-inspired portraits aided by the fluid movement of the hair. Each face possesses emotions such as contentment, thoughtfulness, serenity, happiness, and a bit of calm.

The deck is primarily art-focused. Each illustration is based purely on my thoughts and feelings towards the suits and numbers. They are a personal reflection of my journey at the time of illustrating them, and I hope they can speak to you in some way as you are on yours.” ~ Connie Lim

Connie finds much beauty in female features  (curves, lines, fluidity) and apply gestures, emotions and textures using her favorite gouache, micron pens, inks and watercolors. That is why this deck is fully dedictaed to women. Kings and Jacks also have female images.

There will be two editions of this deck. Connie doesn’t name both editions, so let’s call them “Collector’s Edition” (in a customized metal box) and “Lite Edition” (in a paper tuck case) for convenience. Playing cards will be the same in both decks.


You could pledge here: 

[Funded – December 23, 2013]


Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Ace_of_Spades Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Ace_of_Hearts Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Ace_of_Diamonds Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Two_of_Diamonds Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Three_of_Spades Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Three_of_Diamonds Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Four_of_Spades Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Five_of_Clubs Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Seven_of_Spades Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Eight_of_Hearts Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Eight_of_Diamonds Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Nine_of_Spades Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_Jack_of_Spades Decked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_King_of_SpadesDecked_Out_Fashion_Playing_Cards_by_Connie_Lim_3

The custom case will be a sleek, anodized, matte black metal specially designed for this deck.


New Back Design


Old Back Design



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