Legends Playing Cards by Lawrence Sullivan – The 1st Edition

28 Nov

The Ace of Spades is custom and has a dragon encapsulated in the Spades pip who spouts fire forming the name of the playing cards. The dragon stretches its wings and its tail has a shape of the Spades pip (like two dragons on the coat of arms). “No. 852” (the number of the decks) and copyright warnings there are under the picture. The pip is covered with dragon’s scales.

All other aces are simple and standard.

Legends Playing Cards: the Ace of Spades


Legends-Playing-Cards-Ace-of-Spades Legends-Playing-Cards-Ace-of-Diamonds

All court cards are Bicycle standard court cards but faces of royals are substituted with faces of some real people. I guess these people are friends and relatives of Lawrence. Legends playing cards have darker colours, thicker indices and smaller pips than classic Bicycle playing cards.

The King of Spades: Legends Deck – Bicycle Deck


The Queen of Hearts: Legends Deck – Bicycle Deck 


Legends Playing Cards: Kings 

Legends-Playing-Cards-King-of-Spades Legends-Playing-Cards-King-of-Clubs

Legends Playing Cards: Queens

Legends-Playing-Cards-Queen-of-Spades Legends-Playing-Cards-Queen-of-Diamonds

Legends Playing Cards: Jacks

Legends-Playing-Cards-Jack-of-Hearts Legends-Playing-Cards-Jack-of-Clubs

Number cards of Legends decks have darker colours, thicker indices and smaller pips than classic Bicycle number playing cards.

The Ten of Spades: Bicycle Deck – Legends Deck


The Seven of Hearts: Bicycle Deck – Legends Deck


Legends Playing Cards: Tens


Jokers show a dragon puffing some smoke and playing cards with a person. Both are in the outskirts of… Hong Kong, I guess. The person is presumably on his way to the city. And, as I understand, the dragon guards a road. Look at his tail. The person should win some playing card game to be able to visit the city.

Legends Playing Cards: Jokers



One Joker has a reveal and it is mainly based on the above mentioned game. The dragon reveals a card from his right leg. It is the Two of Clubs. I hope the person won 🙂 Actually, the dragon is more playful than insidious.

The second part of the reveal is a word “ruby” or words “ruby” and “fan”. “Ruby” is suitable for the Red Legends deck. But all decks have this reveal. So, it is strange.

The back of dragon’s card imitates the back design of Legends decks, by the way. And there is a stone to the right of the person with the number of the deck (No. 852) engraved on it.



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6 responses to “Legends Playing Cards by Lawrence Sullivan – The 1st Edition

  1. Dmitry Titarenko

    29.11.2013 at 01:20

    o_O Really? Marked?? Black Legends??? Thanks for article, just in time!

    • Collector

      29.11.2013 at 01:43

      Dmitry, Black decks are not marked!

      • eirian

        30.11.2013 at 21:40

        Oh, I read this in your next post. But I’ve already bought two bricks. In any case, quality of the Legends was more important.

        • Collector

          30.11.2013 at 21:44

          I am glad to hear that.
          But there are rumors that even court cards of Black Legends are almost all “Bicycle standard” (without custom faces of royals).

  2. Max

    29.11.2013 at 00:46

    Great article collector!!!! I have enjoyed it a lot. New black legends releasing in some minutes…..


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