Hatter M Deck of Cards

03 Feb

A Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars themed deck (with a Wonderland twist) of playing cards designed by Frank Beddor. © 2012 Automatic Pictures, Inc.

The Royal Hierarchy of the Wonderland Deck

To the horror of the Jack of Diamonds this deck contains not a single Jack! Jacks have been banished with the Princess cards taking their place in the Queendom’s triumvirate of royal cards. Power rankings are unique to Wonderland’s matriarchal rule as well, with the Queen being top card, the Princess top card in-waiting and the King, though third in power for the deck, ranking below the Queen and Princess cards. You may play any of your favorite card games with this deck and use the Princess card as a Jack along with the status quo point rankings or you can use your Imagination and give a Wonderland twist to your competitions.

Jokers are Lewis Carroll.

Redd Alert! – These cards have become extremely popular due to a printing error – the Jack of Diamonds has found his way onto the outside of the tuck box! Rest assured, only Princesses, not Jacks, adorn the cards inside. Future print runs will have this error corrected, thus making this set a limited edition!

The deck: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers, 1 infromation card. It comes with a printed tuck case.









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