Playing Card Art: Queens by Anatoly Vorobyev

03 Feb

Anatoly Vorobyev cuts out figures of queens from paper with a special knife. The results are amazing. I think even made in Black & White these queens can be a beautiful part of some deck. © Anatoly Vorobyev

The Queen of Spades

Queen_of_Spades_by_Anatoly_Vorobyev Queen_of_Spades_by_Anatoly_Vorobyev_2

The Queen of Hearts

Queen_of_Hearts_by_Anatoly_Vorobyev Queen_of_Hearts_by_Anatoly_Vorobyev_2

The Queen of Clubs

Queen_of_Clubs_by_Anatoly_Vorobyev Queen_of_Clubs_by_Anatoly_Vorobyev_2

The Queen of Diamonds

Queen_of_Diamonds_by_Anatoly_Vorobyev Queen_of_Diamonds_by_Anatoly_Vorobyev_2

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