Upcoming: Stranger & Stranger Playing Cards

03 Feb

Stranger & Stranger, you’ve outdone yourselves once again. Following their Holiday Spirits of the past few years, “to celebrate the year we broke out of our alcohol comfort zone and designed premium olive oils, fine foods, luxury luggage, and just plain crazy new stuff, we teamed up with the amazing Dan & Dave to create this, our Ultimate Deck.” And broke out of their alcohol they did! Previously, anyone who asked me for suggestions on alcohol packaging, i undoubtedly told them, Stranger & Stranger! Well it sounds like it has been quite the year for the incredible design group… and these cards (no surprise) are STUNNING, down to the tiniest of details! From the matte black magnetic box… to the velvety pouches… to the festive ambigram… to the seal on the deck… to the gilded edges of the deck… to the artwork adorning each card… it’s a magnificent deck of cards!” ~ Stranger & Stranger

Printed by USPCC. Poker size.


  • Read more about these playing cards HERE






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2 responses to “Upcoming: Stranger & Stranger Playing Cards

  1. Andy Jarvis

    22.02.2014 at 17:59

    Is it possible to purchase one of these amazing looking Ultimate twin Deck box sets?

    • Collector

      13.09.2014 at 13:43

      Hi, Andy. Welcome on my blog and sorry for my late replay.
      As I know, these sets should be some special presents for a separate public… So, maybe on eBay.


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