The 2nd edition of Deck of Playing Cards by Pedale Design (Red & Black)

11 Feb

Pedale Design produced the 2nd edition of their successful deck of playing cards. There are two new decks: Red and Black (printed by the United Stated Playing Card Company).


A Deck of Playing Cards by Pedale Design was designed by Tyler Deeb (Pedale Design). It was successfully funded on Kickstarter. It’s a limited edition run of 10,000 decks. The deck sequentially numbered and will never be reproduced. Playing cards are in a white tuck case (black ink / emboss / gold and black backs).


You still can find the 1st edition on Tyler’s site.

The 2nd edition Red Deck of Playing Cards and Black Deck of Playing Cards by Pedale Design:


Specifications of red tuck case: gold foil / emboss / gold card backs.


Specifications of black tuck case / silver foil / emboss / black card backs.

Red and Black decks are updated with new tuck case colour, card back colour, larger number/letter/symbols, 2 unique Joker cards and subtle tweaks to the court cards.





Both new decks are available for pre-sale.



See other playing cards printed by USPCC (Category: USPCC).


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