Kickstarter: Founders Playing Cards by The Department of Design

14 Feb


Founders are an original set of American playing cards created by the Department of Design and printed by the US Playing Card Company.


Founders Playing Cards are an independently created and crafted American deck, honoring twelve of the most inspiring & influential founders of our modern day United States, designed in a neoclassical style reminiscent of architectural, monumental & engraving work from the documents & currency of our nation’s history.


There are two unique Jokers, featuring Uncle Sam carrying the Stars & Stripes in flight upon his Eagle, while clutching a banner bearing the latin phrase ‘Annuit Cœptis’ (He favors our undertakings). One card views this scene from a distance, while the other is simply a close up on Uncle Sam’s face and crops the background.


Before the founding of America, the classical world used each suit to represent a different social class. The Founders deck is structured on a model using these classical archetypes of Nobility (Spades), Clergy (Hearts), The People (Clubs), and Merchants (Diamonds). Each Founder is seen brandishing their own unique element, representative of their role as a founder and the legacy they have left behind as our inheritance.


Row 1 – K – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Row 2 – Q – Pocahontas, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Rosie the Riveter.
Row 3 – J – John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, Theodore Roosevelt

The Bill of Rights card can be kept with the deck or carried around as a pocket reference of the first ten amendments to U.S. Constitution.


The cards come packaged in a red, white & blue embossed box featuring gold foil accents, and a red tax stamp seal.



You could pledge here:

[FUNDED Mar 13, 2013]

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