Baraja Taurina Deck

22 May

These playing cards is a reprint of a bullfighting comic deck which originally was produced in Mexico (dated around 1960). A Spanish playing card collector Iñaki Aguirrezabal who is a big admirer of bullfighting themed decks organized this reprint – 200 hand numbered copies were printed (the manufacturer is unknown).


Bullfighting (also known as tauromachia or tauromachy) is a traditional spectacle of Spain, Portugal, southern France, some Hispanic American countries (Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru) and the Philippines, in which one or more bulls are baited and then killed in a bullring for the entertainment of the audience. The tradition, as it is practiced today, involves professional toreros (of which the most senior is called a matador) who execute various formal moves which can be interpreted and innovated according to the bullfighter’s style or school. Supporters of bullfighting argue that it is a culturally important tradition and a fully developed art form on par with painting, dancing and music, while animal rights advocates hold that it is a blood sport resulting in the suffering of bulls and horses.

Playing cards dedicated to bullfighting and toreros are quite popular in Spain. A Spanish manufacturer of playing cards Fournier printed quite a lot of them (for example: Toros Playing Cards). Traditionally almost all these playing cards have Spanish Pattern or its variations. This deck isn’t an exception.

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