Bēhance: Typographic Playing Cards by Junli Kato & Peter Gutierrez

14 Jun

A collaborated 54 deck of playing cards. Each individual card has a unique image created by the number or letter (face cards) of the card. The unifying theme is the Helvetica font used as the base of each design along with other shapes, fonts, or other design elements. Faces of cards designed by Junli Kato. Box and back-side of the cards designed by Peter Gutierrez. Box and cards all hand-crafted and assembled.


Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_2 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_13 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_14 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_15 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_16 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_17 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_18 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_19 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_20 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_8 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_6 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_7 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_10 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_12 Junli_Kato_Peter_Gutierrez_Typographic_Playing_Cards_11


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