Kickstarter: The Type Deck by Chris Cavill

24 Jun


This deck designed by Chris Cavill to bring something different to the table. It can be the first deck in Typographic category which will be printed by USPCC in case of its successful funding on Kickstarter. Typographic decks in many cases are playing cards with pictures on them composed of letters and numbers of a specific font. These playing cards slightly differentiate this approach as they have letters combined in names of cards as artworks. Different fonts are used. Chris invented a nice idea for his court cards to keep them fitting the theme. I think it is still can be classified as a typographic deck.



You could pledge here: [FUNDED – Jul 22, 2013]

This project will only be funded if at least $12,000 is pledged by Monday Jul 22, 8:00pm EDT.


The_Type_Playing_Cards_The_Queen_of_Clubs The_Type_Playing_Cards_The_Jack_of_Hearts The_Type_Playing_Cards_The_Six_of_Spades The_Type_Playing_Cards_The_Three_of_Hearts The_Type_Playing_Cards_The_Seven_of_Clubs The_Type_Playing_Cards_The_Two_of_Diamonds The_Type_Playing_Cards_The_Two_of_Diamonds_2


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