One response to ““Kickstarter: The Type Deck by Chris Cavill” is updated

  1. Mr.Truth

    12.11.2015 at 03:34

    Do NOT support this joker.

    Chris took over $20,000 USD from a KickStarter campaign over two years ago to produce TheTypeDeck. Not only has he not fulfilled his commitments to his 761 backers. He has decided to go rogue and ignore his commitments completely. Along with only a small fraction of KS backers ever receiving only decks of cards… The tshirts, uncut press sheets and EPS files were never produced to anyone’s knowledge.

    You need only to search TheTypeDeck on Kickstarter and on Twitter to see his handy work in action.

    This is a deplorable act and does not deserve media recognition. Chris is a fraud and a coward. So I’m guessing that the chances of buyers actually getting these decks are pretty much zero.


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