Bēhance: Playing Cards by Eni Simonyi

23 Jul

Playing cards designed by the Hungarian artist Eni Simonyi. Nice graphic art but court cards and number cards are the same (with the exception of colours). © 2013 Eni Simonyi



Playing_Cards_by_Eni_Simonyi_indices Playing_Cards_by_Eni_Simonyi_pips


Number Cards



The Five of Diamonds


The Ace of Hearts

Playing_Cards_by_Eni_Simonyi_Ace_of_Hearts Playing_Cards_by_Eni_Simonyi_Back

Back Design


Court Cards

Playing_Cards_by_Eni_Simonyi_Court_Cards Playing_Cards_by_Eni_Simonyi_King_of_Spades


Playing_Cards_by_Eni_Simonyi_Package_2 Playing_Cards_by_Eni_Simonyi_Package



See other playing card projects on Bēhance (Category: “Bēhance”).


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