Bēhance: Gender Playing Cards by Ignat Plot

24 Jul

These Gender playing cards were designed by the Lithuanian artist Ignat Plot.

On each card you can see a standard gender situation. On small cards (6,7) there are the worths situations (man on sofa, women washing the floor). On middle cards (8,9,10) there are situations that look standard for the society (cooking woman, working man). And on high cards you can see best gender situations (working woman, cooking man). And aces are brilliant – man and women do everything together – gender paradise. This system of cards was created to make a feeling during the game what is good gender situations and what is bad, because in each game you try first throw away small cards and left high cards, and that means that you will throw away bad situations and left better. ~ Ignat Plot

In general this is an interesting concept for playing cards and artworks are also interesting. “…working woman, cooking man…” – the best gender situation? really? I suspect he wanted to say about men supporting women in their striving for some self-realization not only as housewives.

© 2011 Ignat Plot


Gender_Playing_Cards_by_Ignat_Plot_2 Gender_Playing_Cards_by_Ignat_Plot_3 Gender_Playing_Cards_by_Ignat_Plot_4


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