Theory11: Rarebit Playing Cards

30 Aug

Theory11 helped to produce a deck of playing cards printed by USPCC for a vintage, speak-easy type restaurant called The Rarebit. Playing cards were designed by J Fletcher Design (Jay Fletcher). The deck was supposed to be used exclusively in The Rarebit’s lounge. But Theory11 was able to acquire a small quantity for themselves (500 decks) and decided to use it for promotional purposes. To celebrate their sixth birthday, they are “giving away” Rarebit Playing Cards from now until next Friday (September 6th) while supplies last.



Two ways you can get a free deck of Rarebits:

1. Every shipped order with a subtotal of $50 or more will get a free deck of Rarebits. The deck will automatically be added to a cart BEFORE checkout.

2. Theory11 also putting a small quantity of Rarebits in The Archive. If someone has 2,500 elite member points, he can get one deck there as well.

Rarebit_Playing_Cards_Spades Rarebit_Playing_Cards_back Rarebit_Playing_Cards_box_back


See other playing cards printed by USPCC (Category: “USPCC”).



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